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AI in philanthropy?

Back to the basics of connection.

If we use AI as a tool to eliminate bureaucracy in philanthropy, then the role of the Program Officer becomes one of relationship-building first.

Call me an optimist, but I believe that AI in philanthropy will force us back to the basics of human connection.

AI could:

  • Help grant makers foster deeper relationships with grantees.

  • Free up Program Officers’ time for more site visits.

  • Give funders more capacity to develop a true understanding of the work and the need for it.

AI, in an ironic way, will help us to live more connected to one another and reestablish connection and belonging in ways that are beneficial to our overall well-being.

With the adoption of AI as a tool for efficiency, we can use it to bring us back to a shared humanity and interest in the common good.

Do you think AI will further divide us from one another? Or will it bring us closer together?


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