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Grant writing sucks

Grant writing sucks.

Yes, I said it – and I am a grant writer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to help nonprofits secure funding. I love to write.

But I believe there HAS to be a better way.

Grants were created in the early 1900s in the US as a way to distribute the immense wealth generated by the few. It served its purpose and helped to fund very important initiatives in the field of healthcare as well as other social services.

But grants, and the grants process are outdated.

They need to be revamped.

Now, over 100 years later, we have new tools to do so.

I am here to join the conversation on how we can use technological tools, in particular AI, to rethink grants as a mechanism to foster trust-based relationships between funders and grantees.

With more trust between philanthropic institutions and nonprofits, much time will be saved on proposal writing and reporting requirements – and instead be replaced with face-to-face (or virtual) meetings, facilitating stronger relationships.

In the end, this will help nonprofits and philanthropists achieve their shared goal – positive impact.


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