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It is time to dive in and up skill yourself

If we (those of us who are women-identifying) do not act now, we will bear the brunt of tremendous job loss at the hand of generative AI (NASDAQ).

Rather than become fearful or wait too long, it is time to dive in and up skill yourself.

Here are five things you can do to get ready for the shift:

  • Take a Coursera course on prompt engineering. (It is free!)

  • Listen to podcasts to understand the nuances of the technology. (I have been listening to Lex Fridman’s podcast of late.)

  • Follow others in your industry who are leading the charge on AI adoption.

  • Read books about AI. (Brian Christian’s The Alignment Problem is next on my list.)

  • Talk to people who work outside of your industry for a fresh perspective about AI. (I strike up conversations with colleagues at my coworking space.)

I am by no means an expert, but I want to be armed with the knowledge to understand and think critically about the impact AI will have on grants and philanthropy as a whole.

And, I believe that women are stronger together. I look forward to connecting to more women in the AI space. If you are a woman working in AI, let’s connect!


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