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No more groupthink

Do you deem yourself an individual? Do you feel strong standing on your own two feet? At one with your identity?

I do, but I have not always. It has taken me a long time to get here, but what I have always been is an individual thinker. I have always questioned the status quo.

  • To get away from the corporate American grind, I left the US to teach English in Spain.

  • To learn about the interplay of geopolitics and how it affects all of our lives, I became a Masters student in Brussels.

  • To understand more about the world and my place in it, I moved to Guatemala by myself to work for a grassroots NGO.

Then I came back to the US and founded Hilo Consulting, so I did not have to adhere to a professional structure that does not suit me.

And now I see that we are on the cusp of tremendous change, that AI is going to change the way we live, work, and think. What will it take for ALL OF US to start reimagining our society so that it works for the benefit of many, not the few?

No more groupthink.

No more status quo.

Let’s reimagine our place in this world.

Let’s reimagine how AI can be used to live in our world with NEW systems that work for ALL.

I was thrilled to see (after I wrote this post!) that PEAK Grantmaking's theme for their 2024 annual convening is "Reimagining". Let's do this! 🙌


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