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The medium is the message

I was on vacation a few weeks ago, and I had some time to engage deeply with my thoughts around AI.

I was reflecting on a conversation I had with a muralist at an event, who quoted McLuhan’s theory, “the medium is the message,” when we were talking about AI. 

I have been thinking about this ever since – trying to draw out what that means as we enter the "age of AI".

Just as the advent of the printing press, television, and the internet (all different forms of media) radically transformed society–the way we receive information and how that in-turn shapes our perspectives–AI has similar transformative potential as a new form of intelligence.

And taking this one step further, this symbiosis of artificial and human intelligence inherently means that our relationship to knowledge, information, and decision-making will be profoundly changed.

I haven’t yet drawn any conclusions as to how AI will impact our society (as it is entirely unforeseen), but this idea emphasizes the importance of our participation in using and developing these tools for good. 🌈 


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