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Will I be replaced by AI?

Many of us in writing careers have existential dread about AI obliterating our jobs.

AI will create incredible efficiency in the grant writing space and help small nonprofits apply for more funding opportunities.

But what about the supply and demand impacts in philanthropy?

Foundations will be inundated with proposals.

Will this result in less funding to go around?

More invitation-only grant cycles?

As someone who works on behalf of small nonprofits, these are doomsday scenarios.

With the advent of this technology that will inevitably change the trajectory of human history, we cannot rely on this outdated mechanism for funding decisions.

So we have to think of new tools.

As we think about the future, how can we preserve critical grassroots philanthropy, while seeking to increase operational efficiencies both on the grantmaking and grant receiving side?

Share your thoughts!


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