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AI for Social Impact

Our exploration into AI has strengthened our belief that technology can revolutionize how we think about grants. We envision a future where trust-based relationships between funders and grantees are at the forefront, with AI as a facilitator, leading to scalable impact.

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Panel Discussion: What AI Means to Nonprofits in 2024

Joanna Drew participated in a panel "What AI Means to Nonprofits in 2024" through NXUnite, sharing her insights on how AI will impact grant writing, and the social sector more broadly in 2024 and beyond.


As featured in the Center for Effective Philanthropy, this article, co-authored by Joanna Drew, explores philanthropy's responsibility to thoughtfully address one of the biggest challenges that we will face in the history of the social sector: responsible AI development and adoption.

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With her techno-optimistic perspective, Joanna encourages listeners to embrace curiosity over fear and actively participate in shaping the future of AI development and utilization. She envisions a future where responsible AI adoption leads to a more equitable distribution of resources and fosters authentic human connections within the philanthropic ecosystem.

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