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AI For Fundraising

As part of my February series highlighting ways AI can be used for good, today I am talking about the crucial application of AI for fundraising and operational efficiency.

James Hodson, CEO of AI for Good Foundation, highlights that AI has the power to revolutionize the way nonprofits work and create more impact per dollar donated.

Some examples of current fundraising use cases for AI include:

  • American Red Cross cross using AI algorithms to predict donation trends so they can allocate resources more effectively during crises.

  • Save the Children Australia is using Dataro 🔮 to implement AI-powered predictions to enhance their donor outreach, using data segmentation and their CRM to target donors more effectively.

  • Greenpeace Australia Pacific is also using Dataro 🔮’s machine learning tool to improve donor retention, using a scoring system of previous donation histories to re-engage donors.

While it can feel daunting to learn a new technology, Fundraising.AI provides countless resources to help nonprofits lean into responsible AI adoption for fundraising.


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