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AI For Good: Predictive Analytics & Generative AI

During an incredibly informative webinar called, Artificial Intelligence in Philanthropy: Trends and Responsible Use, presented by the Council on Foundations in September 2023, Sarah Di Troia of Project Evident featured three tangible use cases of how AI is being used for good:

Gemma Services provides residential foster care, mental health, or education programs, working with approximately 100 girls a year. They used AI precision analytics to analyze historical information to create sub-groups for their patients to provide a more customized experience within their existing model.

The result? In 2022, they had a 92% reduction in risk, resulting in higher success rates post-discharge (i.e. patients not requiring additional care after leaving the program) and an 88-day reduction in patients’ length of stay, returning to their homes faster.

Equal Opportunity Schools is using AI to enroll overlooked BIPOC or low-income students in AP/IB classes by collecting data from their students and teachers and marrying it to other qualitative data and external public school data.

The result? Increasing the accuracy and efficiency of the student identification process and ability to scale the program while preserving impact.

Crisis Text Line is using generative AI to train over 10,000 volunteers annually in crisis counseling because, after a 30-hour training program, many volunteers did not feel comfortable supporting higher-risk clients. So, they wrote fictional scripts around low and high-risk scenarios and created a chatbot to effectively train them.

The result? Building volunteer confidence and reducing churn.


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