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AI is a superpower

After posting about injustice in AI last week, I want to bring AI (and myself) back to a place of optimism and hope.

I listened to a recent episode of The On Being Project in which Krista Tippet interviewed Reid Hoffman, a co-founder of LinkedIn. In the episode, he mentioned how technology has created a superpower amongst our species.

  • The printing press has given humans the superpower of information sharing.

  • The compass has given humans a superpower of navigation.

  • The light bulb has given humans a superpower of light in darkness.

  • Eye glasses have given humans a superpower of sight.

And now, as we enter the age of AI, we have a new superpower to recreate our social systems.

As an "amplification intelligence, a steam engine of the mind... this technology will add to our intellectual, creative, and emotional capabilities," Hoffman argues.

I believe that by raising a collective awareness about the incredible potential of this technology, while also acknowledging the potential perils, we can move forward towards a common good.

Let's harness this technology for a positive social impact, so we can use it to "elevate our own humanity" as Hoffman so eloquently put it.


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