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Generational divide in philanthropy

I have been catching up on all of the incredible content from the Fundraising.AI conference in October, and I was struck by the concept of the generational divide in technological adoption.

Zofia Kierner, a 20 year-old trailblazer, Gen Z leader, and Founder of Girls Future Ready (among other many incredible accomplishments!), has been adopting AI into the operations and administration of her organization over the last several months.

The young leaders in her organization keep each other up-to-date on monthly trainings, exploring new tools as a team and considering how they can be used to their advantage. She is building a culture of asking questions.

So, where is philanthropy in this conversation?

Foundations undoubtedly have the resources to explore and adopt AI tools, but with older generations maintaining a majority presence on boards of directors, they will remain woefully behind other sectors.

Let's not wait until the next generation of leadership in philanthropy gains a stronghold.

Let's turn our fear into curiosity and consider the ways we can use AI to accelerate our shared social impact.


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