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My journey from Luddite to tech advocate for social good

I used to be the person who resisted technology, even LinkedIn. But I knew that if I did not embrace it I would be left behind.

We stand at a pivotal inflection point in human history, akin to the .com bubble.

This is not about being "tech-savvy", it is about being a part of the future, a part of change.

I have delved deep, and like you, I am studying the dynamics and implications of AI on grantmaking, nonprofits, capacity, grassroots.

With the right oversight, safeguards (think advisory committees with a moral compass), technology can bring transformative benefits. This is particularly true for philanthropy and our sector.

To me, technology is not just a tool, but a bridge connecting overlooked organizations with funders.

If you are driven by justice and are tech curious, I would love to be connected.


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